ICA Moscow Church Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The International Christian Assembly in Moscow marked its 30th anniversary in a grand style on Sunday, October 30, 2022 to thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness over the years.

Pastor Pavel, who preached at the anniversary, charged members to be Christ centered and focus their energy on expanding the kingdom of God through evangelism and to invite people to experience God’s glory. “Thirty years is not a small feat and it’s behooves on you to go out and preach the gospel to all people and in the next 30 years, the church’s impact in Moscow and Russia as a whole will be felt greatly”, he advised.

The Head Pastor, John Asachov, said that the Lord has blessed the church in diverse ways using people from different countries to serve in His sanctuary.

The veterans of the church were given gifts as a form of appreciation for their long dedication to the church. “We appreciate your love and commitment to ICA and this gift is a token of our gladness and goodwill towards you”, he intimated.

Pastor Victor who has been in ICA shared his experience and long journey with ICA. He recalled, “When Pastor Terry Townsend came to Moscow to establish a church, it wasn’t easy and I remember we used to worship at several places before we finally came here”.

Other Pastors from the churches in Moscow shared their memories with ICA when they first came to Moscow and how God has used ICA to bless them in so many ways. 

Mr Paul Armah, head pastor of All for God Christian Center said, “When I first came to Moscow, I wanted a spirit-filled church to attend and a friend introduced me to ICA and since then ICA has always been part of my spiritual life and I will always be grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve the Lord at ICA”. 

Pastor Nnamdi Odimegwu, head pastor of Christ Embassy in Moscow was shocked when he heard that ICA is 30. “When my good friend Pastor Daniel invited me to the 30th Anniversary, I was like, really, ICA is 30 already? God has used ICA to bless me in so many ways and it’s because of ICA that’s moulded me into who I am today in my spiritual journey with the Lord. My wife and I are grateful to the leadership of ICA for their hard work.” He remarked. 

Church members embodied what ICA meant to them. They said, “love”, “family”, “”unity”, ”togetherness” , “home”, and “true love”.


International Christian Assembly is a Christian organisation founded in 1992 by American missionaries headed by Pastor Terry Townsend. The mission was to spread the word of God to all people in Russia. ICA has been blessed with several pastors over the years.

The former pastors are: Terry Townsend, Ron Dablos, Doyel Brummets, Klark Gage, Kevin Barner, Terrance Hall, Richard Lang, Jerry Sturgeon, Ron Sommers, Hyman Wood, Andrei Ryabchenkov and Mae Gumba.

The current pastors are: Victor Kurkin, John Asachov, Leni Duan Atienza and Dr. Daniel Abu.

You can watch the full celebration on our YouTube Channel. 

By: Stephen Obiri Agyei

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