Live a Righteous and Blameless Life

Pastor Dr. Daniel Abu urged the church to live a holy and acceptable life as it is pleasing to the teaching of Jesus Christ, like the Philadelphian church which was described by Jesus as living an “absolutely perfect” life.

He delivered the sermon on Sunday to a fully-packed auditorium of members eager and ready to listen to the unadulterated word of God in a series dubbed “Letters to the Churches”.

He said the Church in Philadelphia was one of the faithful churches that Christ talked about, adding that our actions need to reflect Christ. 

“The term church applies to each one and not the building. The church of Philadelphia was found to be blameless by Jesus, and it is also equally possible to live a righteous and blameless life in this 21st century, regardless of the distractions and the world’s compromise of ideal living.” Pastor Dr. Daniel advised the congregation. 

The scripture reading was taken from the Book of Revelation 3: 7 – 13. He admonished the members to read the scripture with him in order for them to imbibe into their spirit the word of God. 

He encouraged the members to be intentional and serious towards the kingdom of God.  

The congregation was sober as each member reflected on their life, this was being felt by the silence of the church as they deeply thought of every word that proceeded out of the mouth of the pastor during the teaching. 

The teaching reminds the church of its place in Christ and to avoid the new norms which are being accepted such as: loss of love, compromise with the world, acceptance of sin and lukewarmness. 

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By Mundat Zitti Lucas 

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