Christmas is the Hope for Humanity

Christmas is celebrated annually and it is one of the best holidays in the world. Different places have different dates for Christmas (the birth of Jesus Christ) but one thing is certain, that He was born.

How would the world be without Christmas? Pastor Daniel asked this question at the beginning of his sermon on Christmas day, thereby taking the church into a world of imagination as each member of the church tries to figure out or imagine how the impact will be, not just to the church but also to the world at large.

Pastor Daniel gave his view on how the world will be in the absence of Christmas. First, he started with the economic impact of Christmas. Christmas industry is a very large business, starting from the Christmas movies, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, cards, gifts and lots more. According to Pastor Daniel “It has been estimated that the Christmas industry is over five trillion dollars”. And without Christmas all these will not have happened.

Second is the seasonal impact. December will be just like the other months without Christmas: being cold and gloomy, but with the impact of Christmas, it becomes interesting, with lots of people looking forward to the celebration.

The most important part of the story of Christmas is the hope for humanity (salvation), which without Christmas we wouldn’t be together fellowshipping as a church. Pastor Daniel shared his story, saying “I am an African, and historically, we are an idol worshipping continent. So, this means I would probably be a chief priest of some African idol leading the sacrifice of only God knows what”.

Thus, without Christmas, the church wouldn’t have salvation, no victory over death and there would be no mediator between God and humans (Hebrews 2:1-3; 9-13).


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