Jesus Performed his first Miracle in Galilee at a Wedding by Turning Water into Wine

Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding in Galilee after the old wine was finished, by asking the servants to fill up six stone jars with water.

Pastor Daniel Abu on Sunday the 12th of February started a new series on Jesus’ miracles taken from the book of John. Starting with the first miracle of Jesus turning water into wine during a wedding ceremony.

Pastor Daniel revealed to the church that weddings are very important to God and for Jesus to attend it and perform His first miracle was no surprise

Pastor Daniel brought the church to the understanding that “wine was a regular drink in the ancient world. It was made from all kinds of fruits, mostly grapes. Since most of the water in the ancient world was impure”.

He further explained that it is a tragedy for the wine to be finished at the wedding because “the bridegroom had spent the entire year working hard to prove to the bride’s parents that he was capable of taking care of their daughter”.

“Jesus is still a miracle worker till this day”, he reminded the congregation. 

Listen to the podcast here.


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