Every Church Leader Is Unique, Pastor Leni says

Pastor Leni emphasised the strengths, capabilities and uniqueness of leaders in the church and how God has purposely made them shepherds over the congregation. She said […]

Jesus is Knocking at Your Door

Pastor Victor encouraged the church members to seek Jesus Christ earnestly with all their heart and might as he preached yesterday at the International Christian Assembly’s […]

Live a Righteous and Blameless Life

Pastor Dr. Daniel Abu urged the church to live a holy and acceptable life as it is pleasing to the teaching of Jesus Christ, like the […]

The Choir Thrills Church Members

Enthusiasm and ecstasy filled the auditorium as the choir thrilled the members to soothing, melodious and contemporary songs at the ICA 30th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, […]

ICA Moscow Church Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The International Christian Assembly in Moscow marked its 30th anniversary in a grand style on Sunday, October 30, 2022 to thank the Lord for His goodness […]

The Beautiful Roots of Courageous Submission

When you think of examples of biblical courage, who comes to mind? Perhaps Abram leading his 318 fighting men into battle to rescue his nephew Lot? […]

25 Bible Passages about Truth

We all need to hear the truth—and take it to heart. Truth brings freedom, and without it we are caught up in a web of deceit. […]

How Is the Trinity Involved in Our Prayers?

Prayer is an essential means by which we can commune (fellowship) with God—and not just God as an abstract being, but God as a personal Father, […]

7 Reasons to Love and Support Christian Missions

1. It is Christ’s Great Commission to go and teach and baptize in every nation. And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven […]