Don't preach alone

September 30, 2022
Series: Irresistible
Book: Hebrews

Speaker: Ps John Asachov



Hebrews 12:1-2

Good morning, ICA Moscow Church. Whether you are joining us online or here in house, we are so glad you are with us today. This week we are wrapping up our teaching series “UNITED WE STAND.”

Our focus is on building UNITY in the body of Christ… Healing the disunity in the church so the church can help heal the disunity in our world.

WK 1 – Disunity disrupts the mission of the church.

WK 2 – When we serve together it brings us together.

WK 3 – How we fight the battle will determine what war we win.

Last Week – The Only law that matters is the law of love.

And as we were wrapping up last week, I said that when the church learns to follow the law of love, we will become IRRESISTIBLE.

And that’s our focus today as we wrap up this series.

Open your Bibles to HEBREWS 12:1. Pg. 823.


Have you ever found something that was IRRESISTIBLE.

• Chocolate?

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